Sunibel Corporate Services Ltd is a duly licensed service provider by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius (FSC). Our services are entirely tailor-made and relevant to your needs.


Need assessment and strategy for the Project. For clients, be it corporates or individuals, looking to either explore business opportunities or personal solution to their needs, we assist them in their strategy through process and implementation after several rounds of discussions to find the right operating model. If need be, we involve other specialists within our network to have a more comprehensive solution and approach.

Preparation of incorporation file & liaising with the authorities

Sunibel will assist you in compiling all the documents that are required and will submit the application to the authorities and follow up with them. For simple and standard business activities, the clearance from the authorities is given within 2 weeks, while for specialised licences it may take longer. We will be your main point of contact at all times during the incorporation process.

Day-to-day administration

Our scope of work will be the provision of directorships, providing domiciliary & compliance services and ongoing administration services like processing of routine transfers, payment of regulatory fees, Bookkeeping, Preparation and filing of financial statement and annual tax return etc.

Company Setup

Setting up offshore funds, limited life companies, protected cell companies, investment holdings, invoicing & trading companies, service companies, intellectual property & royalty companies and advisory companies.


Setting up of investment holding structures, Trusts, Foundations, acting as qualified Trustee and qualified Company Secretary for Foundations, etc.


The Trusts Act 2001 offers an ideal legislative framework for the creation and administration of trusts. Trusts do not require registration, thus providing absolute confidentiality and can be used as follows:

  • Asset Protection
  • Estate and Succession Planning
  • Protection from forced heirship rules
  • Holding of Investments and Property
  • Investment Funds
  • Charitable & Philanthropic Purposes
  • A Private Trust Company (“PTC”) can be formed to act as trustee to a limited number of trusts for the benefit of different groups.
  • The PTC can be a Global Business Company and does not need a special licence. The settlor, members of his family or his advisors, can be appointed to the Board of Directors and influence the manner in which the trust is administered.

Sunibel is a qualified Trustee under the Trust Act 2001 and is legally entitled to set up Trusts and administer Trusts.


  • Foundations in Mauritius are governed by the Foundations Act 2012. Foundation is appealing to clients who are in civil law countries and who may not be familiar with the concept of Trust.
  • A Foundation may be set up to achieve both charitable and non-charitable objectives and can be either to benefit a person or class of persons or to carry out specific purposes as set out in the Charter. Foundations acts through its council, which is the body in charge for the administration of the Foundation’s assets.
  • Foundation is an appropriate vehicle for wealth management, succession planning, charitable & non-charitable activities or for commercial purposes alongside trusts, limited partnerships and conventional corporate structures.
  • Foundations have both the features of a trust and the legal personality of a company. In a Foundation, the Founder puts the property/assets in the Foundation which is created (just like a settlor in a trust) and a Council manages the affairs and administers the property of the foundation like a board of directors managing a company. It may also have beneficiaries (similar to a trust) in accordance with the terms of the Charter.

Sunibel is a qualified Company Secretary under the Foundation Act 2012 and is legally entitled to act as qualified Company Secretary and administer Foundations.

IT solutions for tailor-made consolidated reporting of financial and non-financial assets

We are able to provide you with IT solutions for family offices and other types of solutions that meet the most demanding market requirements. The IT solutions are comprehensive and meet the increased need for transparency and simplification of processes.


The Sunibel accounting team comprises of graduates and Chartered Certified Accountants (UK qualified) who provides the following services:

Accounting services

  • Preparation of management accounts for internal purposes
  • Preparation of Financial Statements under IFRS for statutory and non statutory purposes
  • Liaising and assisting external Auditors and other parties as may be agreed with the client

Tax compliance for corporates and individuals (preparation and filings where applicable)

  • Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) and obtaining a Tax Account Number (TAN) with the Mauritius Revenue Authorities (MRA)
  • Tax computation, preparation & filing of income tax returns, PAYE returns, Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) payments, VAT returns and Advance Payment System (APS) returns
  • Facilitating settlement of tax liabilities and liaising with the MRA for tax queries
  • Application for Tax Residence Certificate (TRC)

Tax advisory (through our preferred external partner)

  • Tax structuring for cross border activities, mergers and acquisitions
  • Business and corporate restructurings
  • Tax planning with respect to international structures and transactions
  • Mauritius tax opinions
  • Review of agreements, contracts and other business documents from a tax perspective

Competitive costs for back office processing. We also provide accounting, HR administration and payroll services on an outsourcing basis.


Facilitate the relocation process & acquisition of property. We can assist your staff (where applicable) and you to relocate to Mauritius under an appropriate permit: as an investor, professional or for retirement. We can make your relocation as seamless as possible by providing you real estate consulting, travel arrangements, administrative assistance and private services (domestic staffs, housing maintenance etc.).


Support services depending on inheritance and financial circumstances. We provide tailor-made solutions to each of our High Net Worth clients who require complex solutions for investment, legal, accountancy and taxation services. Sunibel can establish a family office to assist your needs and those of your family present and future generations needs.


We provide fund administration services to Mauritius and non Mauritius domiciled funds.

Our fund set up and administration services include:

  • Fund set-up
  • Fund ongoing administration services
  • Statutory compliance services
  • Company secretarial services
  • Registrar services
  • Accounting services / Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation
  • Tax administration services